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Name: no, my real name is Olya, and I’m a girl. Dexter Richard Mitchell is one of the characters of my F311, and I just like how his name is sounds. And "scarsonchest" because I have two scars on my chest, and Dexter had a scar too. I think it’s romantic.
Personal journal: zombieslovetea
Country: We haven’t got any bears, vodka, hat-ushanka and valenki. All right, we have, but not as much as you thought, and also we have attractive nature and architecture!
Language: Russian language is one of the richest languages in the world. So I don’t like English because I know it badly and I’m in short supply of words. I ask you to forgive my mistakes.
People: I like their brains... Yummy!
Music: Cusco, Dead Can Dance, Guano Apes, Him, Louis Armstrong, Lumen, Moby, Superbus, Within Temptation, АукцЫон, Башня Rowan, Мельница, Пикник.
Movies: A Boy and his Dog, Forrest Gump, Mad Max, Memoirs of a Geisha, Soldier, Tank Girl, Кин-Дза-Дза.
Books: A Boy and his Dog, Wheel of Time, Голубятня на Желтой Поляне, Пикник на Обочине, Ray Bradbury, Vladimir Mayakovsky.
Games: Drakan, Fallout, Half-Life, Postal, Syberia.
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